Teknik Istif
As a subsidiary of "Dilek Group of Companies", Teknik Istif Makineleri is a sector-leading forklift leasing and sales firm having the biggest fleet of forklift trucks in Türkiye.

Started in 1982, Teknik Istif Makineleri provides service in its headquarters of 5.000 m2 in Istanbul, Sancaktepe containing all kinds of forklifts, forklift trucks and equipment. Teknik Istif Makineleri is a leading corporation in its sector with its machine parks over 2000 parks which have the best trademarks of the world capable of responding every needs, experienced staff of over 275 people and having an experience of over 34 years

Teknik Istif Makineleri is a solution partner of many leading domestic and foreign firms regarding forklift and forklift trucks in Türkiye. Since its establishment, Teknik Istif Makineleri has been leasing and selling first and second hand forklifts, forklift trucks, container handling machines, attachment and auxiliary equipments of all trademarks with various specifications under proper economical conditions while prioritizing quality and service.

The staff of Teknik Istif Makineleri carries out on-site visits, performs feasibility studies and makes the necessary determinations so that the customers who are in need of forklift and forklift trucks could make the right choice. They provide solutions based on the customer’s needs, and thus help them work more efficiently. Committed to the work moral, with smiling faces and giving priority to qualified service perception, Teknik Istif Makineleri aims at keeping on lasting solutions in the service it provides by using the cutting edge and reliable technology systems, and also aims at increasing its customer portfolio.
  Buying (TRY) Selling (TRY)
USD 55398 55497
EUR 61414 61524
JPY 51998 52342




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